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We serve residential and commercial customers and provide repair and replacement of roofing systems.

We do provide emergency roof repairs services and will help you come up with a long-term solution for any roof system damage.

Yes, we offer free estimates. You can request a consultation by giving us a call or submitting a estimate form online.

Product warranties depend on the manufacture while JJM Roofing warrants its workmanship from anywhere between 5 – 10 years depending on the work done.

JJM Roofing can handle any roof repairs that come about from storm damage. Some services that we are glad to help with include replacing or repairing shingles and handling wind damage.

JJM Roofing fixes roof leaks, does emergency roof repairs, flat roof repairs, roof maintenance, sloped roof repairs, and roof snow and ice removal.

Yes, we can provide you with a detailed inspection report so that you can decide to purchase a property, budget for a repair, or plan maintenance. A fee depends on the work that we do to build the report, contact us for more information.

As long as working conditions are safe for our employees then we can replace roofs in the winter months. It is a good way to save money on roof system repairs because prices usually drop in the winter months.

JJM Roofing is fully ensured, so if a worker is injured on the job then we handle everything. If you choose to work with an uninsured vendor then you can be held legally responsible in the event that an accident occurs on your property. That’s one of the best reasons to turn to us for your roof system repairs and replacements.

If a roofer illegally dumped materials then both the roofer and the homeowner can be held liable. JJM Roofing does its due-diligence to ensure that all waste goes to the appropriate site, giving you peace of mind.

JJM Roofing is only satisfied when you are. If you are less than 100% satisfied with the work that we’ve done, we’ll do what we can to solve any of the issues that you have with our work.

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